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Boracay Land Tour

Boracay Land Tour

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Boracay land Tour is some kind of Beach hopping activity where you can visit all the beaches around  Island. Each beach offer spectacular view though it is within Boracay only you can still see the distinction of each Beach.


To Visit:


Bolabog Beach - this is located at the back beach of Boracay where kiteboarding and windsurfing activity done  here during Amihan Season that is between December to April where the northeast moonsoon is at its strongest . Aside, the leaning coconut became popular for photoshoot for instagram story.


Newcoast open its private beach where you can fine the iconic LAPUZ-LAPUZ Rock Formation in the Island ( its was popular being called as the KEYHOLE which the native and the LGU dont agree for that nickname.


Ilig-iligan Beach - is also visited. Just a normal beach where you can swim and do the snorkeling.


PUKA BEACH - One of the most popular to visit even during island hopping. Beach is not as fine as in front beach. However the pebbles on this beach is shimerrring naturally. Best time to visit is afternoon because the sunset here is much dramatic as its only few came here during afternoon. Also if its happen for you to visit during a hour before the sunset you can capture the diamond effect of the pebbles from the sun. The effect is like you are walking in diamonds perfect for photo-op. It is also popular for Koreans to do the pre-nup photo op.

WILLYS ROCK - It is the Boracay Landmark. lies a few steps away from the beach  located in station 1. 


DINIWID Beach - Also one of the wisited beach in the Island.  The manmade pathway that connect from station 1 and  Diniwid is very popular specially during habagat season. The splash of waves to the rocks and pathway are popular in Social media like Instagram and Tiktok.


Trip duration is  3 hours. Minimum of 4 pax to avail.

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